Window replacement: When to install new windows

Replacing your windows could improve your comfort, reduce energy bills, add value to your home and improve your family’s quality of life through better ventilation and more access to natural light. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your windows? Here are the seven  most significant reasons you shouldn’t be putting it off any longer and why.

7 Signs you need new windows


#1: Installed 15-20 years ago


After many years of service, windows are likely to show their age, and the comfort of your home will suffer. However, replacing your old windows can help to lower your energy bills, reduce noise levels from the outside and even increase the value of your home.

So, suppose the windows around your home were installed over 15 years ago. In that case, modern replacement windows that have high levels of efficiency and are more aesthetically pleasing are well worth considering.

The exact time windows will likely last depends on the window frame material, the weather they have to withstand, and how well they’ve been maintained. Here you can learn more about the eight different types of windows and frames.

#2: Windows are drafty.


The first thing to remember is that drafty windows will increase your energy costs for heating your home, sometimes up to 25%. Therefore, putting off purchasing a new window due to the price is likely to turn out to be a mistake in the long run. You can save a large amount of money because new windows are far more energy efficient than old ones.

When the window doesn’t close completely, drafts might frequently happen. This can be the case if the locking mechanism has stopped functioning. Another reason could be that a seal inside or around the window has failed and is no longer working correctly.

#3: Windows are outdated. 


Your windows should be replaced if you notice any decay, warping, or signs that the double glazing is deteriorating.

Wooden frames, in particular, might be challenging to keep in good shape. The problem is that once the rot has begun to develop in the wood, it may be pretty challenging to stop the decay and keep up with it. But, if you leave it, the rot will only worsen and make opening and closing the window more difficult.

Due to heat expansion, poor-quality windows can distort and become discolored over time. In addition, you may have water leaks, condensation, cracks, chips, holes, and scratches, as well as trouble controlling the temperature in your home if your double glazing is failing.

#4: Your house is not soundproof.


If you live next to a busy road, modern windows’ reduced sound transfer can significantly improve your quality of life. However, when the window is closed, and you’re inside, and you can clearly hear sounds from outside, it’s generally a sign that your window is relatively old. Therefore, buying new is the way to go if you want to enjoy peace and quiet. Here is further information on the best soundproofing windows.

#5: Condensation.


One of the most frequent issues impacting double glazing efficiency is condensation, or if water gets in between the panes, which can be a significant problem in your home.

Condensation can be wiped away, but doing so grows irritating, and frequently results in mold developing inside the frame.

Additionally, mist or moisture inside the window glass can’t be eliminated; it will only be there, obstructing the light and your view.

These problems typically arise when the seals have failed or if the window wasn’t initially installed correctly. The worst-case situation is if the window begins to leak, in which case there will be standing water inside. In any of these scenarios, replacing the window would likely be the most cost-effective course of action because repairs can become expensive if the seals on additional panes break and the cycle repeats itself.

#6: Double glazing is not fitted. 


Look at your windows closely. If you’ve ever wondered why your room is consistently too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, it could be because you have single-pane rather than double-pane glass. Simply put, single-pane windows aren’t as effective or efficient as more modern, double-glazed ones. 

#7: Your windows are not correctly opening and closing.


There are many reasons why it’s tough to open the window. A typical one is if the closure has been painted shut. Although it may have saved time on the d├ęcor, it did not help with the window’s functionality! 

Other potential causes of a jammed window are warped frames, such as those seen in uPVC windows, which expand and warp in warm weather. The uPVC should contract again once it cools, but if this keeps happening, the frame might not be the right size for the aperture. 

Another reason why the window frame no longer fits correctly in the space could be that your home’s foundations have moved. A new window will fix the issue in each of these cases.

The benefits of replacement windows


Some of the advantages of replacement windows have already been mentioned, but they’re well worth knowing because they will improve the overall comfort of your home while lowering energy costs.

Lower heating bills. 


Suppose your windows allow the heat generated by your central heating system to escape; in that case, the central heating will only have to work harder to heat your home, increasing your energy bills.

One of the most cost-effective ways to insulate your home to keep you and your family comfortable is to replace all the windows around it.

So, remember that your current windows can cost you money daily if the upfront price of replacement windows keeps you from acquiring installation quotes.

Easier maintanance. 


Compared to older windows, modern windows require significantly less maintenance and, depending on the material of the frame, may only require the occasional wipe-down.

Self-cleaning glass is something to consider when shopping for replacement windows because it makes upkeep even simpler.

Better home security.


Replacement windows are a great way to increase the safety of your home, which is of the utmost importance. Not only will the new windows have functional locks, but installing double glazing rather than single glazing will significantly increase the durability of the windows.

Noise reduction.


If you live in a noisy neighbourhood, blocking that noise from entering your house is definitely at the top of your list of priorities when shopping for replacement windows. Modern windows with double or even triple glazing paired with laminated glass can significantly reduce noise pollution. 

Manufacturer`s guarantee.


In addition to receiving all of the advantages above from installing new windows, the manufacturer will also cover you if something goes wrong. The assurance that you may contact the manufacturer in the unlikely event of a window problem is provided by warranty periods, which typically run between five and ten years.

So, if your windows are no longer under a manufacturer’s warranty, this alone is a good enough reason to install replacement windows.

Increased house value. 

Installing new windows can only boost the appeal of your property to potential buyers, especially when you consider all of the advantages we’ve stated, like decreased energy expenses, a manufacturer’s guarantee, and increased safety.

Types of replacement windows

If you’ve decided it’s time to get new replacement windows, you’ll need to decide what type of material for the frames you’ll be choosing. 

The most common option is uPVC windows, primarily due to its low cost. However, don’t be deterred by their higher cost if you’re considering composite, wood, or aluminium windows instead because they are more likely to last longer. 



Aluminium is a solid, robust, and long-lasting material that may give your home a modern look. Considerations and advantages of aluminium windows include:

            Aluminium Window Benefits            Aluminium Window Considerations

  Increased Security.

Window Condensation (without thermal break).
  Lower Energy Bills. Does not suit the aesthetic of all homes.
  Long Lifespan. Can be expensive.



Composite window frames are made up of several materials to offer the advantages of both timber and aluminium, which could help your decision-making if you’re torn between them. 

             Composite Window Benefits            Composite Window Considerations
  Combines the strength of timber and aluminium with simple maintenance. Can be pricey.
  Long lifespan (50-60 years). It might look out of place in traditional homes.

  High level of efficiency.

Materials can differ depending on the manufacturer, so research must be done.


Due to its efficiency and classic appeal, timber is undoubtedly the most popular material for replacement windows, but all the advantages come at a higher cost.

                Timber Window Benefits               Timber Window Considerations
Thermal Efficiency Expensive
Environmentally Friendly Susceptible to rotting if poorly maintained
Extremely Durable Material Can warp over time if poorly maintained



uPVC replacement windows are the most popular choice, especially across the UK, because they are the least expensive. However, while there are financial advantages, uPVC windows require replacement much more frequently than those made from other materials. 

                  Upvc Window Benefits                 uPVC Window Considerations
Requires very little maintenance. Shorter life span than other materials (10-15 years).
Cheapest material available. Doesn`t suit older, more traditional homes.
Suits modern homes. Manufacturing process is bad for the environment.

How to prepare for a window replacement? 


Homeowners should remove any curtains or blinds from window openings before a professional window installer arrives so he has access to the interior to set and caulk the windows. Also, be sure to move any furniture at least three feet away from window openings and anything of value that is close to the windows, since the installers need access to the interior of the windows.

Finally, relax, run errands, return to work, and let the installers do their job. This will limit potential stress for homeowners and the installers during the window installation process.

Grahamaluminium & Sons Ltd can guide you to choose the ideal windows based on your building’s requirements and the style you are after. With over 30 years of experience within the industry, we can guarantee that your windows are installed with great care by our team of experts.

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